How It Works

Similar to a broker, we source the services to find the best solutions. You have questions – we have the answers!

  • How do we get paid?

We get paid by the carriers when we install service and you pay your bill. We are NOT paid to get the signature and run. Each month that you’re a happy customer, we get paid a percentage. That holds us accountable to YOUR satisfaction, month-in, month-out, for the lifetime of our relationship.

  • Why use BrayTel versus a Direct Carrier Salesperson?

Direct Salespeople get paid to tell you that their company is the best solution for your needs. As unbiased agents, we want you to choose the best carrier at the best price to meet your needs. If we sell you a terrible carrier solution, we have to take responsibility for that recommendation for at least three years. The Direct Salesperson? Once the contract is signed their job is done; ours has just begun.

  • Is there a price difference between BrayTel and going with a carrier representative?

  • The carriers charge the same regardless of which channel you purchase service through. They don’t have to pay us salaries, benefits or vacation time. They only pay us when we install services.

  • Do the carriers BrayTel represents change over time?

Yes, and that is a huge part of our service to you. Every carrier has to earn the next customer by being the best option. And changes in technology will also drive the process. We only represent the best.