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As a CFO, Office Manager, or IT Director, you’ve been tasked with finding the best technology services available within budget constraints. Invest your time to contact each available carrier directly, or work with us, a multi-carrier agent.

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“In the past 25+ years, my industry has seen both the deregulation and re-consolidation of a monopoly. Email has gone from a premium, closed network to a ubiquitous, free medium. The Internet, once a closed tool reserved for higher education, now connects and serves the entire planet.

Eyes wide open, I’ve been at the forefront using my experience to help my customers succeed.

Know this:  with technology ever-changing, I stand ready to match your system requirements to the best providers available.  Together, we’ll meet your needs well into the future”

Daniel Bray, Principal


Over the years, we have always taken an interest in our planets health. In doing so, we have always looked for ways for businesses to find sustainable net zero carbon output. Last year, we helped multiple companies with projects aiming to reach these objectives. 

Extra Space Adds Solar Panels Across National Self-Storage Portfolio
Extra Space Storage Continues Nationwide Solar Portfolio Development with Pivot Energy
Extra Space Storage adds 2.7 MW to solar arsenal

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