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We know consumer solar energy has proven benefits. Now we understand the applications, benefits and reasons why solar energy can be a viable renewable resource for businesses domestically and across the globe.

According to SEIA ( Solar Energy Industries Association )

  • The Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) has provided industry stability and growth since 2006.

  • In the last decade, solar has experienced a compound growth of nearly 60%

  • Projected that 209,000 Americans work in solar (

  • The cost to install solar has dropped by more than 70% over the last 10 years.

  • The U.S. Solar Industry is a 50 state market – with 44% market share in 2015.

  • 38 U.S. States including the Midwest now have sound commercial solar installations.

  • Want to know more? Want to know if your business is the right model for solar sustainability and renewable energy?

We know that the cost of utilizing solar energy has gone down over the last decade. But does a viable and carefully proposed, planned and implemented solar energy system really save you money?

Take a look at a recent quote from a midwest solar installation company proposing solar to a medium business operation in Indiana;

  • “Over 30 years, annual utility savings are anticipated to average $49,750.00, for a total utility savings of $ 1,492,514.”

  • “Cashflow payback is projected to be 8.1 years”

  • “Net Present Value (NPV) $258,000”

  • “Cash gained over life : $804,500”

  • “Co2 Saved over System life: 7,127 tons (Equivalent to driving 14,254,000 auto miles)”

If you want to see if your business can benefit from solar energy, complete the form below.


Note: numbers provided on this page are specific to a particular project and are shown for estimates only. Actual and quoted savings will vary by customer. BrayTel Utility Services, it agents or representatives do not warrant or guarantee results.

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